The project "A Family Album" is part of a cross between two practices. The images of base are collected in family photo archives, either purchased from flea markets and from my personal archives.
Both sources have the same status in this work, the goal being to come up with some sort of "generic" album, find pictures that everyone could have. I then use digital retouch in a non-illusionist way (I create textures
in the sets, I add toes, some objects are levitating, I generate impossibilities of perspective ...). Some edits are more visible than others, but the goal is to create a slight shift that makes the scene is not "realistic". Retouching finished, I have an image bank in which I will draw differently according to the mode of diffusion.
I made a 1m25 book, produced a makingof video, and edited a portfolio of a twenty images at Gallery 2600, of which I am a part.
The purpose of this portfolio was to create silver prints in a format similar to the original ones.