From April 16th until the end of June, the Certosa Milano District will host the open-air exhibition ‘Living Certosa’ by the artist Robin Lopvet, curated by Kublaiklan collective. Promoted by RealStep, ‘Living Certosa’ presents a visual narrative of the area's evolution by depicting its local community in large format photographic collages. With an ironic gaze, Lopvet captures the redevelopment of the neighborhood and the collective commitment of its people in creating its rebirth.

From Piazza Cacciatori delle Alpi to Via Varesina, the installations will be visible to everyone in a shared space where art and urban surroundings coexist intertwined. Lopvet's photographs depict scenes of everyday life with deconstructed details that produce colorful, playful images. While ironic and amusing, these photographs also have an almost estranging effect: bodies meld together with the city and objects creating new, unexpected forms.

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